I would not say that I have been under the pump as far as career goes over the last 13 odd years. However the last 6 months have been the most stressful to the extent that my health charts have gone off the normal. Need to take some life lessons and get wise :-) Going off the Social media and sugar have helped. Keeping focus on what really matters and filtering out noise seems to be the trick. Also realized that I don't take well to close T20 matches especially if India is playing. Looks like watching the Ind-Oz match on Sunday may be a bad idea


Heard the song 'Malare' from Premam a few times times today. Felt a lot younger at heart, light and happy :-) Made me recollect life events from days in Chennai, Mangalore and Coimby.  It's as if i have forgotten how to feel light and free spirited. Music awakens my soul for sure and yes I am finding time to practice what i love here in Bangalore

A New Year Begins

Been up since 4.40 am today watching the test match at SCG. India making heavy weather on a road like SCG wicket :-) . The vacation to Cyprus proved to be a welcome break from the winter gloom that set in Delhi around this time of the year. Loved the 2 days at Casa Panayiotis village!

Have managed to run on 3-4 days last year and that was one tick in the box in my to do list. I would like to add more variety to the workout plan and maybe do some free weights and floor exercises to the mix. The next goal for the year is to stay calm and not lose my cool. This one is real tough and its a bad habit that has crept in over the last 3-4 years. Music where are you?

Summer of 2014...

4 years almost since the last post here. Lots of plans still remain on paper. Read music, finding a job i love etc. Rashi and I have a new love. Sahana turned 2 in April :-) Feels wonderful when i look back at the last 2 years. Coimbatore and the south keep calling in my dreams. The nanny has aced the sambar recipe a few times. Achan and Amma are enjoying their social life in Coimby. Have to keep up the momentum on the early morning runs this least one goal for the year has to get ticked

Move to Delhi

Leaving chennai was not an easy decision. The weather in chennai was the best last week. Ironical that it happned to be my last week in the city of music and arts.I like Delhi for its parks that have great jogging trails, the wider roads and better infrastructure. The extreme weather and driving have been challenging so far. I need to get in shape, focus more at work ( get back to 1994-1997 mode) and strike a balance. Reads vague i guess but i know what that means. It's gonna be a great experience and I need t prove a point!

2010 is here

Well 2009 was great wasn't it? Yes the Goa trip was a nice way to end the year. Hope to spend the next year doing better work in all spheres of life. Learn't a new song last year , felt nice singing it to mom and dad. Kutchery season was a wash out this year. The Job market seems to be looking up . I hope to get a move on.

Back again and injured

Landed in Denver, Colarado yesterday evening. It's been raining all of yesterday and today morning looked nice and sunny. I had planned to do some outdoor running during this trip. So first thing this morning I woke up at 4.30 a.m got a cuppa black coffee and changed into running gear. It was quite chilly outside and the I stepped out into the empty pavement outsde the Mariott tech centre. I took my first leap and my leg slipped , twisting my ankle damnn!!! Can you believe how things can go sour when all looks rosy :-( . Neways the lump is not too bad , and I am busy doing ice pack and resting the left ankle now.

Hopefully i should be able to run after a week